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Visitor Information

Authority to Direct Persons to Leave the School Premises:

  • Disrupts of threatens to disrupt school operations;
  • threatens to or attempts to do or does physical harm to school personnel, students, or others on school premises;
  • threatens the health or safety of students, school personnel, or others on the school premises;
  • intentionally causes damage to school property or others on the school premises: 
  • misbehave in a disorderly conduct, or terroristic threatening; or 
  • uses loud or offensive language on the school premises.
The person may be directed to leave the school premises by the Administration.  If the person refuses to leave the premises as directed, the administrator or other authorized personnel shall seek the assistance of a law enforcement officer and request that they take such action as is deemed necessary.

For security reasons, no one is allowed to go directly to the classrooms at any time.  All visitors must report to the school office, sign in and pick up a visitor's pass. Visits to the classroom, library, playground, act. must be pre-arranged and approved by the school office.  All school volunteers, including parents, must attend a Safe Environment Class to obtain certification.

All visitors must adhere to entrance and exit directions when entering school/church property. Parking is not available on school grounds during school hours: this area is used as the playground and/or instructional purpose.  When parking in the lot that is adjacent to the church and school - you must park on the concrete slab area, in the designated parking stalls.  Follow all entrance and exit parking signs closely.