Team Crusaders

Team Crusaders

St. Elizabeth School offers team sports (Basketball & Volleyball) starting in grade 4 through grade 8. We participate in the Catholic School League and the Christian School League.

The Primary goal of our Athletics Program is to expose our students to organized sports, and to teach the values of teamwork & sportsmanship, while fostering a love for various sporting games.

SES Athletics Program supports in the strengthening of the child & youth development and education by:

  • Enhancing physical health and development
  • Fosters psychosocial health and development
  • Builds life skills and positive values
  • Strengthens Education

All students participating in sports must fill out a waiver form and return it to the office before the beginning of the season.

Ses athletics believes sportmanship is an expectation. So let the coaches coach. Let the officials officiate. Let the players play. Let the spectators cheer with aloha.
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